//SJCS student places at state science fair

SJCS student places at state science fair

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Valdosta, GA – Recently, two students from St. John the Evangelist Catholic School (SJCS) participated in a school science fair competition. 7th grader Chandler Monetti and 6th grader William Saurina competed in the science fair competition, held by Georgia Association of Private & Parochial Schools (GAPPS). The science fair included middle school students in private and parochial schools across the state and was conducted virtually this year.

Monetti’s submission placed second in the state and focused on objects and how they affect the wifi signal. “I got the idea from the strangest source, doing homework,” said the 7th grader. “While I was doing my homework, the wifi was slow and I wondered what things could be blocking the signal the most in my house. This pandemic shows how important wifi is to our world and something blocking your wifi could mean you can’t work and you can’t learn.”

“We couldn’t be prouder of Chandler and her ability to dive into a real life challenge and situation and to discover a solution,” said SJCS science teacher Lauren Evans. “Her curiosity and problem solving skills led her to a topic most people may never have thought about.”

“I am honored to represent SJCS in the science fair and I hope I am able to share how science can help be part of the solution to some of the world’s problems,” said Monetti.

6th grade student, William Saurina, also participated in the GAPPS science fair competition, attempting to find a natural, clean, and efficient power source for use on Mars. Saurina used information from a video on Stirling engines and knowledge of SpaceX and polar caps to develop a turbine that uses the CO2 from dry ice to create energy.

“I felt very honored to participate in the state science fair representing SJCS and I hope many other creators use my ideas and improve upon them in some way,” said Saurina.

The goal of GAPPS is to create an environment where high school and middle school students can compete at their levels yet still be encouraged to grow in their faith. 

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7th grader Chandler Monetti
6th grader William Saurina