//VPD warns of rise in thefts from automobiles

VPD warns of rise in thefts from automobiles

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The Valdosta Police Department wants to warn citizens of a possible rise in thefts from automobiles in the City of Valdosta. With the warming weather and schools being out there is often an increase in these types of cases. Items with significant value along with items of almost no value are often taken. The most common entry point into the vehicles is unlocked doors. We are asking before leaving your vehicles unattended, remove any items of value and any items that appear to have value such as purses, pocketbooks, bookbags and electronics. Never leave handguns, rifles, shotgun or any other weapons in your vehicles. These crimes of opportunity can most often be avoided by simply locking your vehicles doors and removing items of value.

“If you hear of anyone committing these types of crimes notify the police and help us get these offenders off of the streets. The tips we receive from citizens are essential in helping us solve crime.” Lt. Scottie Johns.