//The Greater Valdosta United Way offers Financial Education classes

The Greater Valdosta United Way offers Financial Education classes

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VALDOSTA, Ga. – The Greater Valdosta United Way, an organization dedicated to creating a positive change by bringing resources together to improve people’s lives in their communities, is partnering with CBC bank’s financial experts to offer classes.

“I think there’s a need in this community, and a lot of communities across the country to understand financial literacy and how it applies to different phases of your life,” said Daryn Russell, President and CEO of CBC Bank. (WCTV)

Classes that are offered will be centered around things like budgeting, balancing checkbooks and establishing good credit, and why these skills are so critical to a person’s success.

“If people have better education opportunities and are earning more, there’s less strain on them and on society in general,” said Executive Director Michael Smith. “If people can budget and save their money better, than they can be prepared for the unexpected expenses of life.”

Courses are expected to start in October. All classes are free and open to anyone in the public.