//Heat Index Threatens Pet Safety

Heat Index Threatens Pet Safety

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By Jonathan Frazier

With a heat advisory in effect by the National Weather Service, many pet lovers have well-founded concerns about whether their furry friends are safe outdoors.

In the above image is featured an animal temperature scale design by Dr. Kim Smyth in 2015. The article featuring the image, How hot is too hot for your dog?, Dr. Smyth makes note of the fact that dogs that are young, elderly, or short-snouted need even more protection against such summer heats.

The National Weather Service has made it evident that caution is needed on the part of most in the Southeast. For instance, areas near Moody Air Force Base the are sitting around 92°F ( 33° C). However, since the humidity is at 75%, it will feel as though it 116°F (47°C) outside! People and pets need to stay hydrated and cool as the day progresses. Please act accordingly.