//Radio Standout Scott James Running for Mayor

Radio Standout Scott James Running for Mayor

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VALDOSTA — Radio host Scott James called a pres conference last Wednesday on the steps of City Hall to announce he will be running for the office of Valdosta Mayor.

James’ announcement was met with nearly 50 people cheering support.

Supporters of Scott James run for Valdosa Mayor showed up for his press conference

James hosts a talk radio show and owns his own radio station. James is also very active in the community, co-chairing the One-Lowndes Valdosta initiative and is on the SPLOST steering committee. He is also the president-elect of Leadership Lowndes board.

His actual name is Scott James Matheson and he has interacted with his community by having many elected officials and other names of import on his show frequently. His platform for running for the prized position will be to lead the city progressively and work on many widespread projects to improve quality of life in the community.

“I want to bring together citizens and land owners and both governments and state agencies and the development authority and encourage them all to do something together that none of them can achieve alone,” James said, who served six years as a city councilman and was mayor pro-tem for two years in Remerton.

“I am throwing my hat into the race this November to be your mayor,” he said. 

He will face former Valdosta Fire Department chief J. D. Rice and former city councilman David Sumner, who have both announced their intention to run for mayor.