//Rare Disease Affects Local Toddler

Rare Disease Affects Local Toddler

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VALDOSTA – Becky Leann Badder’s little girl has been diagnosed with a blood disorder called ITP. She was told it would probably go away on its own.

Becky’s little girl is brave throughout her ordeal

“Well, it didn’t,” Badder said. “In the last year we’ve had 10 hospital stays, two platelet transfusions, an allergic reaction to blood platelets, and now we are doing weekly blood tests and shots of a new medication.”

The disease, Badder says, could last her entire life.

“Her body basically destroys her platelets which means she doesn’t clot well,” Badder explained. “And any minor injury could cause internal bleeding.”

According to Badder, doctors have no idea why this happens or what causes it and there is currently no known cure.

“I’ve decided with the skills I have to try and help,” Badder said. ” I’m already a member of the Platelet Disorder Support Association but I’d like to donate even more.”

With every order of the pictured T-shirt, Badder will donate 20 percent of the cost to the PDSA to aid in research of this disease.

“Hopefully by raising awareness like this, one day people like my little girl can have a normal life,” Badder said.

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