//Emergency First Responders to Get Trained on Best Driving Practices

Emergency First Responders to Get Trained on Best Driving Practices

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VALDOSTA – The Valdosta Fire Department has partnered with the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services and Wiregrass Technical College to participate in an Emergency Vehicle Operators Course.

The course is designed to teach seasoned emergency responders to be an Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) Instructor.

As the City of Valdosta grows in population size, each day our busy roads become more hazardous for ‘every day’ drivers. The emergency personnel who respond to calls face more complex driving situations than a normal driver on the road. The goal of GAEMS is to train instructors statewide so that emergency personnel will be better prepared to operate an emergency unit.

By participating in this course, VFD personnel will learn Risk Management and the Importance of EVOC for all drivers. They will also learn about the Georgia State response laws. The course will teach these firefighters about the realities operating of an emergency vehicle and help them in understanding the hazards and challenges of operating that vehicle. The group will also go over basic defensive driving techniques.

The course is also designed to educate emergency personnel about the different vehicle dynamics the fire engines and ambulances have compared to automobiles, the importance of a comprehensive unit inspection at the beginning of every shift, and practical applications of maneuvering an emergency vehicle through a series of different scenarios.

“This is an important course for our staff at the Valdosta Fire Department. Every day that we respond to emergency situations we encounter different situations while on the road. Further training through this partnership with GAEMS and Wiregrass will allow our VFD personnel to have a better understand of emergency vehicle driving techniques and prevent those complex driving situations from becoming hazardous,” said Fire Chief Freddie Broome.