//Nov. 1 Declared “LAMP National Homeless and Awareness Day”

Nov. 1 Declared “LAMP National Homeless and Awareness Day”

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Valdosta – A proclamation signed by Mayor John Gayle and Chairman Bill Slaughter declared Nov. 1 to be “LAMP National Homeless and Awareness Day.”

The document was presented to LAMP representatives on the courthouse lawn Wednesday afternoon.

The proclamation states:

“This is a time for citizens of Valdosta and surrounding communities to start thinking about why each of us are thankful. It is a perfect time to share compassion with those who might be experiencing homelessness and help work towards a world where no single person experiences homelessness or hunger. LAMP is seeking ways to help eradicate homlessness, educate community members, politicians, and citizens about the seriousness of homelessness and the trials homeless citizens face on a daily basis. Over the years, LAMP has become more than just a clearinghouse and now serves as Lowndes County’s and surrounding area’s local mission for the homeless. LAMP offers meals, childcare, case management, job skills training, outpatient health and transportation. LAMP is funded through grant money as well as private donations from the community partners and citizens offering several avenures that allow citizens to commit to making a difference in the lives of our city’s homeless population. LAMP is a caring community of faith people who believe that all God’s children have the same needs of food, clothing, shelter and love. It is imperative that our citizens rise up with LAMP to fight homelessness in our community and help change lives as we work to give a hand up and not a hand out.”