//Christie Withdraws from County Commissioner District 5 Race

Christie Withdraws from County Commissioner District 5 Race

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Courthouse-Soldier-webLOWNDES COUNTY, GA – As qualifications for elections has come to an end, Candidate Roger Christie has decided to withdraw from the District 5 race for personal reasons. Below is a letter to the public from Christie  on why he is withdrawing from the race.

My name is Roger Christie and I am sending you this letter as to my reason for withdrawing from the District 5 race.

 I was informed about a concern by Lowndes County authorities that if I ran for and was elected for the office of County Commissioner District 5, my daughter would have to resign her position in the Public Works Department. Lowndes County has a policy that prohibits her from keeping her job if I was elected to become a member of the commission.

 I was unaware of this policy until officially notified by Lowndes County on Friday. Additionally, I was unaware that my daughter would lose her job due to this policy. I passionately wanted to serve Lowndes County again in an official capacity. I have been a lifelong resident and have seen a tremendous change and growth during my nearly 60 years of being a citizen. I greatly desired to be a part of this continued, exciting, movement for our county as I severed and represented the people of District 5.

Given these circumstances and the information provided by the authorities of the Lowndes County Commission, I have withdrawn my candidacy for the County Commission District 5 seat. I have two passions in this short lived election – my Lowndes County and my family. Having to choose, I will always choose my family and in this case my daughter.This is what we commit to as parents and that commitment has no term.

Thank you to all my supporters. I am greatly disappointed in having to choose between my to loves,however, policy is a primary responsibility of the County Commission and this policy has been set. Foremost, I cannot jeopardize my daughter’s career and livelihood. There continues to be excellent candidates for the election who will serve our county well. I will serve both passions but one in another way beyond the elected office.


Roger Christie

Source: Press Release