//Pipeline Causes Controversy

Pipeline Causes Controversy

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pipeline oil VALDOSTA, GA — Lowndes County residents were not happy to hear the plans for Sabal Trail Transmission’s pipeline through South Georgia last week. Sabal Trail has proposed two routes for the pipeline to Lowndes County officials. “Option A” cuts through the west side of Lowndes County, and follows a preexisting pipeline. While “Option B” would cut straight through the center of Lowndes County. Sabal Trail states “Option B” is a worst case scenario for the construction of the pipeline.

Property owners showed many concerns about the possibility of the pipeline running through their property. Many residents already have one pipeline, and are not ready to have a second pipeline on their property. Some residents feel they are being pressured by the company to allow the pipeline through. However, Lowndes County Commissioner Demarcus Marshall stated the county would not support any eminent domain endeavors.

Source: Valdosta Daily Times