//Sequester Cuts Impacting 400 Civilians At Moody

Sequester Cuts Impacting 400 Civilians At Moody

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moody-1This week marks the first wave of sequester cuts that are set to go into effect, cuts which will impact over 400 civilian workers locally at Moody AFB. The 440 employees will be receiving 20 percent pay cuts due to mandatory furlough days.

The workers will be given a choice of taking furlough days on either Monday or Friday; however, the cuts at Moody are far from a unique situation. From Fairbanks to Fort Benning, some 650,000 defense department employees will be feeling the crunch.

Most furloughed employees face one day without pay for each week through the end of September. The furloughs are projected to save the Defense Department $1.8 billion, according to officials.

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