//Near-Daily Rainfall Bringing Abnormal Mosquito Population

Near-Daily Rainfall Bringing Abnormal Mosquito Population

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mosquito-3As if flooding and soggy ground wasn’t bad enough, the near-daily rainfall we’ve seen in south Georgia is breeding another nuisance- a larger than normal mosquito population.

Elmer Gray, an entomologist with the University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service, says the nuisance mosquitoes are expected to be particularly bad in coming weeks. However, Gray said the type of mosquitoes expected to attack Georgians in increasing numbers are not the primary carriers of West Nile virus.

Local and state officials are urging residents to clear yards of any areas where mosquitoes are known to breed, or simply where water can gather. This includes bird baths, flower pot trays, clogged roof gutters, abandoned pools, old tires and wheel barrows.

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