//Wiregrass students sign apprenticeship with CT Cardinal

Wiregrass students sign apprenticeship with CT Cardinal

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Photo: seated l-r: Cardinal CT Plant Manager Mark Combs, Wiregrass student and apprentice Saul Gonzalez, and Wiregrass President DeAnnia Clements. Standing l-r: Cardinal CT Human Resources Manager Ashley Cook, Cardinal CT Safety Manager Kevin Fender, Cardinal CT Maintenance Manager Frank Alvarado, Wiregrass Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Joshua Whittington, Cardinal CT Plant Superintendent Mark Parker, Wiregrass Executive Director of Department Affairs Nicole West, and Wiregrass Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs April McDuffie.

Cardinal CT of Adel has signed an apprenticeship with a Wiregrass Georgia Technical College student in Industrial Systems Technology.


Through the Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Apprenticeship Program, Cardinal CT of Adel, has signed an apprenticeship with Industrial Systems Technology student Saul Gonzalez.  He is a United States Department of Labor (USDOL) registered Industrial Maintenance Apprentice.

Wiregrass is proud to have partnerships with 30 local businesses that can accept apprentices for open employment opportunities.  Currently, the college has 22 active student apprentices. Additionally, 19 students have completed their Registered Apprenticeship program and received a national certificate of completion.  This program has proven to benefit businesses and industries in recruiting, training, and retaining highly skilled workers.  Partnering with the college in hiring students through the apprenticeship program has also shown a reduction in turnover costs, a higher productivity rate, and a more diverse workforce.

“Here at Cardinal CT, Adel we believe in the overall success of our employees. Our organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage,” shared Cardinal CT Human Resources Director Ashley Cook. “We realize that Wiregrass Georgia Technical College has the resources and tools we need to reach our goals. We are excited to venture into a lifelong partnership with such a prestigious program.”

We are seeing an increase in the number of apprenticeships in South Georgia because businesses are recognizing the advantage of hiring employees before they have graduated college. Through on-the-job training, businesses can show student apprentices—in real-time—how to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom in ways that directly benefit the company. This is a win-win training model because the student gets paid to learn a skill while the company gets to develop skilled work within the company’s existing work environment.

If your business would like to learn more about the apprenticeship program, please contact Nicole West.  She can be reached at nicole.west@wiregrass.edu, or by calling 229-333-2100 ext. 4837.  Wiregrass is hosting Free Application Week March 14 – 18 for Summer Semester; classes start May 16.  To apply, visit any campus or apply online at Wiregrass.edu.