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Atlanta > Georgia DOT Launches New Website

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ATLANTA – Beginning Monday, March 16, users of the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) website will experience something new – a redesigned, clear and concise website that is easy to navigate not only on computers, but also on mobile devices.

A new theme – TravelSmart – represents the Department’s goals of ensuring safe and efficient travel by applying innovative engineering and cost-effective solutions to Georgia’s transportation system. TravelSmart encompasses all aspects of transportation – roads and bridges, as well as public transit; general aviation; rail; waterways; and bike and pedestrian programs.

“People tend to think GDOT is just about roads and bridges, but the Department is so much more,” said GDOT Director of Communications Karlene Barron. “The TravelSmart theme reflects Georgia DOT’s big picture – who we are, our services, our programs and the work that we do.”

The Home Page features the TravelSmart menu, as well as links to About GDOT, State Transportation Board, Employment and Contact Us, as well as a rotating banner with important and timely information.

“A major factor in our decision to produce a new website was feedback from the public, from contractors and employees that the old website had become cumbersome and cluttered. It was difficult to find information,” Barron said. “The new site, which was developed in-house, simplifies the process of locating what you need – whether it’s details of a Public Information Open House, bidding and letting information, or funding programs. It’s more intuitive.”

TravelSmart has four components: DriveSmart addresses safety and congestion; PartnerSmart is how GDOT works with strategic partners – consultants, contractors, designers, suppliers, media, and the public; BuildSmart includes project planning and constructing; InvestSmart focuses on how the Department allocates public resources.
The new TravelSmart website is a one-stop source for all that is Georgia Department of Transportation – rich in relevant information for the public, consultants, contractors, partner agencies and employees.

With all the changes to Georgia DOT’s website, one thing remains the same – the web address at
www.dot.ga.gov. A brief video explaining the new site can be viewed at https://youtu.be/e3Mu5jW9VKM. Also, see our Fact Sheet at http://www.dot.ga.gov/AboutGeorgia/Documents/TravelSmart/NewWebsiteFactsheet.pdf.

Questions and feedback are welcome at TravelSmart@dot.ga.gov

Nita Birmingham
District Communications Officer
Georgia Department of Transportation