//Surprising way to be a better driver

Surprising way to be a better driver

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Want to be a better driver? Drink coffee before you drive and listen to…rap? Those are the surprising findings of a recent study by the UK-based behavioral science consultancy CX Lab and car insurance company U Switch.

Driver reaction times to different situations were recorded virtually in a Hazard Perception Test to establish a baseline reaction time. The test simulates driving and participants must push a button as soon as they see a potential hazard. After the initial baseline test, participants took the it again, using variables such as coffee, different varieties of music, and noisy kids in the vehicle.

The results were eye-opening…literally. Participants who drank coffee 20 minutes prior to the test had a reaction time that was equivalent to stopping 26 yards earlier than those who did not. Of all the music varieties, rap quickened reaction time by 16 yards, while R&B actually slowed reaction times.

Even more surprising was the fact that noisy kids in the vehicle didn’t distract the driver, but proved to increase their reaction time by an about 14 yards.

And ladies, the next time someone comments on “women drivers,” know that overall, women had better reaction times than men.

Article sourced from the New York Post, talesbuzz.com, and medium.com