//Georgia Coast Altamaha-Ha Monster Discovery a Hoax

Georgia Coast Altamaha-Ha Monster Discovery a Hoax

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DARIEN, GA – Earlier this year a strange, unidentified sea creature was discovered on a beach near Darien by a man and his son.

The oddity made international news back in March when video of it surfaced online. Many speculated that the creature could have been the Nessie-like sea monster known as the Altamaha-ha reportedly spotted on the South Georgia coast, but marine biologists said that it was probably a normal creature that was marred beyond recognition from decomposition. Was it a hoax drummed up by locals wanting to stir up tourism?

Much to the disappointment of creature seekers, the New York City artist Zardulu has taken responsibility for the monster. According to Vice, the artist created it from a stuffed shark and paper mache, hoping to stir up belief into the Georgia legend of the Altamaha-ha. The hoax went viral, which was Zardulu’s intention – having successfully pulled off other viral videos off a three-eyed catfish and a raccoon riding an alligator.

Zardulu will be showcasing her “artwork” at a New York gallery in October 2018.