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Georgia Business > California Considers Georgia Competition for Film Dollars

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ATLANTA — California sees Georgia as one of its top competitors for booking film and television productions, according to a study released by FilmL.A. Inc. on May 28.

“Canada, New York, Georgia, Louisiana, and the UK are California’s primary competitors for the foreseeable future,” the study says. “While these jurisdictions may trade yearly rank positions for total project count, budget value and production spending, there are no jurisdictions immediately poised to dethrone them.”

Of the 106 films surveyed by FilmL.A., 22 shot in California, 13 shot in New York, 12 shot in the United Kingdom, 12 in Canada and 10 movies shot in Georgia.

The 10 films that shot in Georgia in 2014, including “Need For Speed” and “Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1,” had a combined budget value of $366 million, 60 percent of which was spent on location.

Louisiana, which in recent years has wrestled over the No. 3 state for filming with Georgia, did not fare as well. It hosted 18 of the movies surveyed by FilmL.A. in 2013, but only five of the surveyed films in 2014.

“Louisiana’s plunge from number one in total project count… to sixth place cedes ground to southern rival Georgia,” the survey says.

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