//Giant Sinkhole in the Home of Atlanta Homeowner

Giant Sinkhole in the Home of Atlanta Homeowner

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ATLANTA, Ga – An Atlanta woman is worried that her house will cave in due the large sinkhole surrounding it.

“When I first moved in, it was a very small hole in the right hole of this patio here, and it’s gotten bigger since then,” Trenace Pyles, who moved into her home two years ago, told CBS46.

It was later confirmed by an inspector that the house built in 1947 had bad pipes and strted to form a hole that will continue to grow.

The pipes run from the street to the creek behind Pyles home and causes her basement to repeatedly flood.

Pyles later told CBS, “Eventually, if these are not fixed, it’s going to run into my home, and my home is going to fall into the hole.”

A spokesperson for the city that the pipes are recognized as private infrastructure due to the fact that they were installed by the original developer.

In a letter from the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management to Pyles, it says if she makes any changes or repairs affecting any existing stormwater infrastructure, she still needs to contact the city for approval and permits.