//Simply Anna: Fashion from the Heart

Simply Anna: Fashion from the Heart

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By: Sharah Denton

Visionary, creative, talented, passionate and resilient are just a few ways to describe Mrs. Anna Battle of Simply Anna Fashions and Creative Designs. Located at 4333 Bemiss Road, Suite 11 in Valdosta, Anna has been an influential business owner and fashion designer for over 20 years and has hosted her fashion show for almost 14 years.

Anna uses her natural born talents of fashion and designing to minister to people. One thing she is an advocate of is empowering other women. Her place of business is not a place of negative vibes, gossip or any form of negativity.

“I want people to feel comfortable, that is always my prayer before I come into this building, this is a place of healing not gossip,” says Anna.

In empowering other women and young girls for Anna it is important to encourage one another as well as support others. “Everyone is getting the same amount of rays under the sun. I don’t have to tear you down to build myself up. My life has to be an imitation.”

When you see Anna, her passion for fashion and encouraging others radiates through her smile, her demeanor and her ability to connect to different personalities. She smiles at the mention of her business providing her the ability to meet extraordinary people.

Originally from Homerville, Anna points to a photo of her mother in her boutique who she says taught her at a very early age how to sew. And although her mother is now gone, Anna admits that her community of Homerville has been very supportive and gracious of what she does whether its her ministry or her impact on other women.

“I really love my hometown. We stick together and they are always very supportive of what I do,” says Anna. Anna also has a very supportive husband Edward who she credits motivated her to start her own business years ago and Edward and very support friends as well as the Valdosta community has been very support of my work as well.

Anna sees her vision of fashion designing expanding to and beyond Georgia. With a supportive husband, family and community, Anna is well on her way to having her brand a household name. Her signature looks stand out and are tailored to women of various shapes, sizes and styles. Not only does Anna empower women and young girls, she uses her fashion show as an opportunity to provide scholarships to students who goals are to attend and graduate from college.

“God is providing me opportunities to give back and minister,” says Anna.

Anna’s motivation not only comes from what her mother taught her and her relationships with her clients moreover, through her granddaughter Naji. At a young age, Naji told her grandmother that she could see her name in lights in her 10th year of business. That 10th year of doing fashion shows, Naji’s vision was put into fruition as Anna held her 10 th annual fashion show at the James Rainwater Conference Center and her name was indeed in lights. Anna beams with delight as she recalls the excitement her granddaughter had during that 10th show and seeing what she envisioned come to life.

Whether you need a word of encouragement, or a customized design for work, church or nightlife, you will always know that there is a woman around to make a positive impact for women and young girls and she is simply, Anna.