//Wild Adventures Gets New Sloth

Wild Adventures Gets New Sloth

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By Arri Williams

VALDOSTA, Ga. – Wild Adventures Theme Park welcomes a new addition to its very popular Two-Toed Sloth exhibit.

Guest will be in for a surprise during their next visit with the addition of Wild Adventures’ new girl sloth. She is a three year-old Two-Toed sloth, like the already well-known sloth in the exhibit, Oscar.

Zookeeper, Kat Cadle, says that both animals are adjusting well and are on a diet of sweet potatoes, corn and grapes.

This newest addition comes just in time with sloths gaining popularity and the upcoming “I Love The 90’s” concert held at Wild Adventures this upcoming weekend.

Help Wild Adventures name their new addition by voting over on the Wild Adventures Theme Park Facebook page. Voting ends Friday!