//Church Standing In Way Of New Falcons Stadium?

Church Standing In Way Of New Falcons Stadium?

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falconsThat $1 billion plan to replace the Georgia Dome as the home for the Atlanta Falcons may be hitting a snag. Negotiations between the team and an area church have apparently hit a standstill, as the two sides are reportedly $9M apart on a land deal.

The city offered $15.5M to purchase the land currently owned by Friendship Baptist Church- church leaders, however, are asking for $24.5 million in order for them to move.

Lloyd Hawk, Friendship Baptist Church’s board of trustees chairman, said the church needs to be compensated fairly for the price of land and the costs of relocating.

“We’re not going to incur new debt to do that and we’re not going to diminish our savings to do that,” Hawk said. “If they feel five or six million dollars makes a difference in a billion dollar project, that’s their prerogative.”

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