//Marietta > Charges Dropped Against Drive Thru Eater

Marietta > Charges Dropped Against Drive Thru Eater

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MARIETTA — Apparently you can still take that Big Mac to go, and eat it in the car.

Madison Turner, of Alabama, who was ticketed for eating a cheeseburger while driving won’t be prosecuted, according to published reports.

Barry Morgan, the Cobb County Solicitor General, posted a statement last week that his office as decided to drop the charges and a judge has agreed, signing off on the dismissal.

Morgan stated in an Associated Press report that he didn’t believe they had the evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, given the facts and circumstances of the case.

Turner was eating his Quarter Pounder with Cheese as he drove down a highway outside of Atlanta when he was stopped and ticketed under Georgia’s distracted driving law.  Turner stated that the officer told him, “You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger.”