//Report: State Superintendent To Run Against Gov. Deal

Report: State Superintendent To Run Against Gov. Deal

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vote voting placeA report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reveals another name that has entered into the fray to run against Governor Nathan Deal- State Superintendent John Barge.

Barge told the paper, “I believe that something has to change. Georgia needs a leader who will govern and not play politics. Whether we equal his war chest or not, I think what’s more important is what people will do when they go into the voting booth.”

Barge said he hopes to gather support from Georgia’s teachers, after Atlanta has ‘politicized education over the years.’ Most recently, Barge criticized Deal for backpedaling on the state’s common core standards. The two had apparently agreed to implement the national education standards, many of which were already in place in Georgia.

At that time, Barge accused Deal of playing politics, as the loudest naysayers of Common Core were coming from a Tea Party base…the same base shared by Republican opponent David Pennington.

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