//Three Arrested In Thomasville Ammonia Theft

Three Arrested In Thomasville Ammonia Theft

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handcuffs on caucasian maleThree men are behind bars in Thomasville after police say they stole over $1,500 worth of anhydrous ammonia, a common chemical used to make meth. Police were called to Prestige Ice shortly after midnight Wednesday morning after an employee reported seeing a man walking into a packing room, then leave.

The employee followed the intruder, who met another man outside the building and ran into the woods. A short time later, police stopped three ‘suspicious’ men on a simple seat belt violation. Police took the trio back to Prestige Ice, where the employee identified one of the men as the robber.

Five gallons of anhydrous ammonia were reported stolen from the business- 21-year old Jared Hickey and 25-year olds Tyler Buford Brown and Carl Deloach are charged with burglary.

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