//Isakson: I ‘Question’ NSA Leaker’s Credibility

Isakson: I ‘Question’ NSA Leaker’s Credibility

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GOP and DemsValdosta, GA- Appearing on the Morning Drive Thursday, Georgia Senator Johnny Iskason said he questions the credibility of the NSA leaker, Edward Snowden.

‘When somebody goes to China to call a press conference and talks to the Russians about having asylum, I have to wonder about the credibility of their testimony…you have to know the whole system to know where it was compromised, and that’s a top-secret clearance only eight people in the Senate have.’

The Senator will be briefed on the leaks Thursday afternoon.

Asked if he was surprised at people’s reaction as to how far the NSA leaks go, he said the IRS scandal ‘has a lot do to with the concern…as to what was revealed with the NSA.”

(Editor’s note: Snowden has not sought asylum in Russia- President Vladimir Putin hinted that his country would ‘consider such a request’ if one was made.)