//Moody AFB Hosts Flying Tiger Heritage Day

Moody AFB Hosts Flying Tiger Heritage Day

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Allison Ericson, Valdosta Today News Director:

VALDOSTA — Today, Nov. 14, Moody Air Force Base hosted Flying Tiger Heritage Day to celebrate and honor “Flying Tiger” veterans. The “Flying Tigers” defended China against Japanese forces in WWII. Following in tradition, Moody AFB serves as the 23rd Wing of the Flying Tiger Association.

unnamed-5The event began with a combat search and rescue demonstration and ended with a P-40 pavilion dedication in honor of Lt. Colonel Robert Hadley “Muck” Brown, an A-10 “Flying Tiger” pilot. Brown passed away on March 18, 2014.

Three WWII 75th fighter squad “Flying Tiger” veterans attended the event including James “JM” Taylor, Don Miller, and Frank Epperson. JM Taylor who served as a fighter pilot in China shared his WWII story.

“I was shot down on Nov. 11, 1944…I made about three passes before I was hit…I jumped about 300 feet to get out of their range and I must have glided about a mile away,” Taylor said.

Today’s events allowed “Flying Tiger” veterans and new members to trade stories and knowledge about their Air Force experiences.


“I’m so proud of these kids…I think we flew under a lot more dangerous conditions than they do today. We were very vulnerable, our radio in China was very limited and we had to navigate by dead reckoning and stuff like that,” Taylor said. “I’m so proud of the character that our young pilots are showing, they’ve been through the academy, and they are so polished and so gallant, i can’t say enough I’m just so proud of them,” Taylor said.