//Beware of Telephone Scams

Beware of Telephone Scams

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Valdosta-Police-Car-SideVALDOSTA — Valdosta Police alerts the community to be wary of a new wave of telephone scams.

In the past couple of days, Valdosta Police Department has taken two reports regarding a telephone scam.  The victims indicated a male caller identified himself as Lieutenant Kauffman with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department and that each of the victims had an active warrant against them.

The caller indicated the warrant could be handled by purchasing a “Green Dot” card and providing the caller with the number on the card for transferring funds.  The caller left a call back numbers for the victims to call once they purchased the “Green Dot” card.  The numbers were given to police and the telephones are no longer in service.  Each of the victims are out a substantial amount of money.

Lt. Stryde Jones with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department indicated they have had other similar incidents in the county.  He stated this appears to be telephone scam that is making the rounds in the city and the county.

This is not how law enforcement officials handle active warrants.  If you receive any calls of this nature, hang up, do not engage the caller, do not give any personal information, do not disclose any financial information, and record the telephone number if it comes up on caller ID.  If you receive a call of this nature, please report it to your local law enforcement officials.