//Valdosta City Schools Desegregation Status Approved

Valdosta City Schools Desegregation Status Approved

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valdosta-city-schools-logo VALDOSTA, GA – A judge has approved the Valdosta City Schools “unitary status,” forty-three years after the initial lawsuit.

Senior U.S. District Judge Hugh Lawson released his decision stating the school system had fully complied with the order of the court and had “eliminated the vestiages of the former dual system of schools to the extent practable.”

Since 1971, Valdosta City Schools has been operating under a desegregation plan that would lead to unitary status. In 2008, the school system achieved partial unitary status, and on March 26 the U.S. Department of Justice approved the school system reaching full unitary status. All prior orders and injunctions in the case will be dismissed due to the school system reaching unitary status.

Local civil rights organizations voiced their opposition to the courts ruling. Mark Patrick George, of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, believes there are bigger issues at the school system, and the school system has a “perceived lack of transparency.”

Source: Valdosta Daily Times