//VCS Transportation Supervisor Serves on the Transfinder Advisory Board

VCS Transportation Supervisor Serves on the Transfinder Advisory Board

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Edward-J.-Collins-Valdosta-City-School-Department-of-TranportationVALDOSTA, GA – Edward J. Collins, Jr., Valdosta City School’s transportation supervisor was selected to serve on the Transfinder Advisory Board (TAB). He accepted the position on March 27, 2014.

Transfinder is the transportation software program that Valdosta City Schools uses for routing school buses. This program is used by over 1,500 school districts in 47 states. It is also the industry leader in several states including: Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, and Texas. The company also holds approved vendor status in Idaho and Illinois.

The Transfinder software systems use GPS and mapping along with mathematical algorithms that help the Valdosta City School District more efficiently run their bus routes for students to and from school. The software is designed to save more money by cutting down on fuel and vehicle costs while also monitoring driver tendencies.

The Transfinder Advisory Board (TAB) is made up of 40-50 members. Each member will serve a two year term beginning in the month of May. There will be eight meetings held each year, two per quarter, including an annual meeting held at the annual Client Summit.

Each board member is required to do the following: attend a minimum of five meetings each year, serve as an active member on a minimum of one sub-committee of the member’s choosing, serve as an ambassador who refers prospects and promotes Transfinder’s products and services, volunteer to beta test product releases or new products, participate in discussions on product design and enhancements, and provide feedback when called upon.

Mr. Collins will share his expertise to support the Transfinder goals and future product development and serve as an evaluator and advocate for Transfinder solutions. He will also serve on the Emergency Preparedness Committee. Mr. Collins will also attend the annual Client Summit in Albany N.Y. May 7-9, 2014; this will serve as the inaugural meeting of the Transfinder Advisory Board (TAB).

“This is a great opportunity to show others what I have learned over the years and am still learning. I know that Valdosta City Schools transportation department is changing with the new technology for the better. Nothing happens until something moves,” states Mr. Collins.

Source: Valdosta City Schools