//Brooks County High School Students Gain AG skills

Brooks County High School Students Gain AG skills

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Pictured: McKenzie Ogg.

QUITMAN, GA – Students in Ag-Mechanics classes at Brooks County High School have the opportunity to develop many skills and knowledge that they will use throughout life.

Many of the experiences and skills begin the process of reaching for success in a chosen career. The confidence gained from learning how to weld, operate an oxy-acetylene torch, or operate stationary machinery proves to carry over into other parts of a student’s life.

For example, confidence gained in one’s self while operating a very intimidating machine can devlope a “can do” attitude among class mates. Self confidence is important in any career path.

Skills developed in Ag-Mechanics help prepare students to be employed in the Agricultural machinery field. This is an area this is in constant need of talented and skillful students. All people are dependent upon agriculture for existence, and modern agriculture is dependent upon machinery and it’s maintenance.

Source: Brooks County School System