//Winter Weather Advisory

Winter Weather Advisory

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Cold Weather Template VALDOSTA, GA – Within the next couple of hours the forecast calls for wind chill to drop below the freezing mark of 32° F. This means that while the actual temperature may be above freezing, the temperature combined with the wind will cause it to feel as though it as actually below freezing. Wind chill values are not expected to rise above the freezing mark until sometime Wednesday afternoon.

At the greatest risk are the elderly, the homeless, and those they may not have adequate heat available to protect them from the extreme temperatures. Currently shelter is available at LAMP, The Salvation Army, and Mission Point Church in downtown Valdosta for those that need a warm place to stay at night when the temperatures are at their lowest. If you know of anyone in need of shelter please refer them to one of these locations. These locations and contact information is being posted at http://www.lowndescounty.com for future reference.

Citizens should also be extra cautious while driving due to the possibility of ice on the roads. Bridges and underpasses freeze more quickly so pay special attention when traveling these. If you must travel over the next few days make sure you allow yourself extra time, drive slowly, watch out for potential problem areas, and always wear your seat belt. Allow for an increased distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and avoid making any sudden movements if possible. Sudden, jerky movements increase the likelihood of skidding.

Citizens are also urged to use caution around the home while trying to stay warm
• Never bring portable generators, camp stoves and grills into your home; they should only be used outside. Keep them at least 20 feet away from your home’s windows, doors and vents to prevent deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Also make sure that any space heaters used for warming are kept away from furniture, drapes, or any other material may catch fire.
• People who depend on electricity to operate medical equipment should have alternate arrangements in place in case power is out for an extended period of time.
• Listen to NOAA Weather Radio to stay informed of winter weather watches and warnings.
• Allow faucets to drip a little during cold weather to avoid freezing.

If you need additional information on additional preparedness information please contact Lowndes County Emergency Management at 229-671-2790. 911 should be called only in the event of an emergency and not used as a source for information. The 911 Center will likely see an increased call volume during this time so please help us keep the lines available for those with emergency situations by limiting non-emergency calls such as calls for general information

Source: Lowndes County Press Release