//Thomasville Firefighters Recognized For Service and Valor

Thomasville Firefighters Recognized For Service and Valor

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Thomasville Fire Department
Assistant Fire Chief Allen Powell (Left) and Fire Chief Chris Bowman (Right) presented Firefighter Cory Thompson (Middle) with the Firefighter of the Year Award.

THOMASVILLE, GA – During Wednesday night’s City Council meeting, Thomasville Fire Chief Chris Bowman recognized firefighters who have shown exemplary character, work ethic and commitment to service during 2013.

“It is truly important that we take the time to recognize the exceptional individuals within our Fire Department for the difference they make within our community,” said Fire Chief Chris Bowman.

“These individuals have raised the entire department up by challenging them to improve and setting an example of both leadership and humility,” Bowman noted.

Firefighter Corey Thompson was recognized as Thomasville Fire Rescue Firefighter of the Year. Te be selected as Firefighter of the Year, the individual must display a commitment to his profession, organization and community.

“This award exemplifies a high degree of motivation and leadership skills to his/her team or unit, the ability to be an effective team player, with superior job knowledge, and personal accomplishments,” said Bowman.

For his dedication to his profession, and leadership, both on and off duty, Assistant Fire Chief Mark Sealy was recognized as the Officer of the Year. This award represents a high degree of leadership skills, superior job knowledge and personal achievement.

Additionally, Sealy, Lieutenant Bill Sangster, Lieutenant Lennon Jamison, Engineer Mike Mann and Firefighter Jon Conner were each presented with the Thomasville Fire Rescue Life Saving Silver Medal for taking actions which were directly responsible for saving a life.

“Though we have pointed out the achievements of these individuals, I would like to recognize everyone within Thomasville Fire Rescue for the selfless work they do in keeping our community safe,” Bowman said.

For more information, visit www.thomasville.org/TFRserviceawards.

Source: City of Thomasville Press Release