//Kick The Habit, Ohana Aloha’s Alternative to Cigarettes

Kick The Habit, Ohana Aloha’s Alternative to Cigarettes

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Ohana AlohaHAHIRA, GA – Every New Year we make resolutions to get fit, get organized, or kick an old habit. For many, the old habit to kick is smoking, but as the saying goes, old habits die hard. A new store in Hahira has the solution to kick the habit for this New Year’s resolution.

Ohana Aloha, owned and operated by Ryoko Diamond, is a new store in Hahira offering a healthier alternative to smokers. Diamond is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. She and her family moved to the quaint town of Hahira when her husband, Christopher Diamond, was stationed at Moody Air Force Base, where he plans to retire on May 1st after 20 years of service.

At Ohana Aloha, Diamond offers the highest quality e-cigarettes on the market. Unlike e-cigarettes found in convenience stores, Ohana Aloha offers vapor e-cigarettes that help smokers quit by mirroring the same effects as cigarettes, psychologically and physically. Part of quitting is ridding the body of, not only, the nicotine addiction, but the addiction of all the other 4,200 chemicals found in cigarettes. There are three ingredients in e-cigarettes: vegetable glycol, liquid nicotine, and flavoring. E-cigarettes help smokers kick the other chemicals, while still curbing the nicotine addiction.

Statistically, a pack-a-day smoker would save roughly $62 to $84 a month by switching to e-cigarettes. There is an initial expense when switching to e-cigarettes to buy hardware, but with that initial switch will save so much more money in the long run. Monetary reasons are not the only benefits of making the switch to “vaping.” With e-cigarettes smokers do not have to worry about the stench of traditional cigarettes, there is no second hand smoke that can cause cancer, and there is no tar in e-cigarettes, which allows the smoker to breathe easier.

So if there is a smoker you know, trying to quit smoking in 2014, e-cigarettes from Ohana Aloha can lead the way down the road of success with their “Majik Myst.” Take a step in the right direction this year and stop smoking and start “vaping”.

Ohana Aloha is located at 100 South Railroad Street, Hahira, GA or call (229) 794-5279. They offer a military discount to active and retired military. Visit the Majik Myst Facebook page, by clicking here, to learn more about quitting today, or visit Ohana Aloha’s website today.