//Cook County Community Provides Additional Support for Wiregrass Literacy Program

Cook County Community Provides Additional Support for Wiregrass Literacy Program

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Cook-County-Literacy-Program-WiregrassADEL, GA— The Cook County Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) and the Wiregrass Foundation South accepted two donations to be used in an effort to decrease the illiteracy rate in the community by providing scholarships to cover the cost of the GED exam. The donations came from Mary Works with the Freedom Worship Church of Lenox and Jerry Connell from the Adel-Cook County Chamber.

The Cook County CLCP is raising funds to help adults, who may not have obtained a high school diploma, improve their education by obtaining a GED®. The campaign called “The Literacy Challenge” has two very important parts; “The Business Literacy Challenge” and “The Gospel Literacy Challenge.” Businesses and churches are being asked to donate to help at least one student obtain their GED through a donation equal to the exam fees. The total cost of the exams is $160.

The purpose of the CLCP is to increase the literacy levels of the citizens in our communities, to maintain community awareness of the need for a literate community, and to determine the literacy needs of Cook County. Your donation will help someone get a better education and help prosper the community. If you are interested in helping with this important community campaign, please call Judy Stewart at 229-468-2207 or Holly Green at 229-549-7368.

Source: Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Press Release