//Valdosta Fire Department Conducts Complex High-Angle Operations Training

Valdosta Fire Department Conducts Complex High-Angle Operations Training

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firefighters trainingVALDOSTA, GA – The Valdosta Fire Department will conduct a complex high-angle rope rescue operations training on Thursday, Nov. 21, at the Valdosta Regional Airport. The VFD is one of seven designated GSAR units in the state and is tasked to respond to disasters throughout the Southwest part of the state. VFD Captain Ken Gallagher, who oversees the VFD’s Special Operations Unit and is also the GSAR Task Force 2 Leader, will conduct the training utilizing GSAR equipment and resources already acquired by the department. The purpose of the training is to conduct a complex rope-rescue operation that would typically be necessary in field conditions where it is difficult to transport a victim across a river, canyon or debris field.

The airport location was selected for the training on account of the 150-foot wide, 30-foot deep ditch in which to train. The location simulates challenges that are realistic in comparison to a real-life scenario. Other than the use of the property, the airport is not involved in the training event.

“Our firefighters already know how to utilize this type of rescue operation, but this training will make us more proficient at this extremely high-risk, low-frequency event,” said Capt Gallagher. “We are always ready; we are just always getting better at it.”

Source: City of Valdosta Press Release