//Johnson Family Questions Validity of Gym Video

Johnson Family Questions Validity of Gym Video

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Family Photo
Family Photo

VALDOSTA, GA – On Thursday, November 7th, The family of 17 year old Kendrick Johnson held a press conference to express their concerns over the copies of the Lowndes High School gymnasium video tape that shows the final moments of their sons life. Benjamin Crump, the family’s attorney, said he believes their is “some conspiracy to conceal the truth” from the family and the public on “who killed” Kendrick Johnson. The absence of time stamps on the video surveillance and blurred images has led Crump to believe the video has been altered in some fashion and that there is a “conspiracy.” ┬áSo now, the family and attorneys are asking for Lowndes High School to turn over the original copies of the video surveillance for their viewing.

The family will also be filing an appeal of Judge Harry Altman’s decision to wait on the family’s request for a coroner’s inquest. Altman stated earlier this week he was waiting until U.S. District Attorney Michael Moore finishes his investigation into the case.

Source: Valdosta Daily Times