//Love Bug Season Could Mean Car Damage If Untreated

Love Bug Season Could Mean Car Damage If Untreated

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LovebugsWe’re used to seeing the annoying little black bugs buzzing all around…the ‘love bugs’ that are attracted to heat, car emissions, and dark colors. While, for the most part, they are nothing more than a nuisance, they could unknowingly be causing damage to your car.

The bugs are attracted to warm surfaces (think the hood of your car) and vehicle exhaust, meaning your car is a love bug magnet. While that may not sound particularly appealing, the carcasses of lovebugs are known to strip clearcoat and paint.

When the bugs die, they secrete a chemical that can eat into painted surfaces. Experts recommend washing (or simply wiping off) the bugs off your car as soon as possible to avoid damage.

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