//LCSO: Deputy, Two Others Robbed Man During Traffic Stop

LCSO: Deputy, Two Others Robbed Man During Traffic Stop

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Lowndes County Police CarValdosta, GA- A Lowndes County Sheriff’s deputy is out of a job and behind bars after being charged with robbing a man during a traffic stop last month. An investigation revealed that Deputy Jason Stacks stopped a driver on North Ashley Street on August 17th.

In the course of performing the traffic stop, Stacks allegedly demanded money from the victim in exchange for not arresting him. Two citizens, identified as Miguel Reyes and Gloria Gallego, were said to have assisted the deputy in the robbery.

The man gave the trio $300 and was ‘released.’ Now, the trio of robbers are in jail facing a number of charges.

Former Deputy Stacks faces charges of violation of oath of office, robbery by intimidation, and kidnapping. Reyes and Gallego are charged with robbery by intimidation and kidnapping.

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