//Forensic Examiner Calls Kendrick Johnson Case ‘Homicide’

Forensic Examiner Calls Kendrick Johnson Case ‘Homicide’

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Kendrick Johnson - Medical - Autopsy ReportValdosta, GA- UPDATE: According to Anderson, “fluid fills the lungs during positional asphyxia, “making a patient’s lungs weigh 800 – 900 grams each. Johnson’s lungs were said to have “weighed normal” between 240 & 260 grams.

Appearing on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday night, Dr. William Anderson unequivocally stated that based upon his findings, that Kendrick Johnson’s death ‘was a homicide.’

Anderson, the forensic pathologist who performed the second autopsy on Johnson’s body, said that the teenager ‘was hit at least once in the neck.’ He claims that the area of Johnson’s neck that showed signs of trauma was ‘never dissected’ in the previous autopsy done by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

US Attorney Michael Moore says he continues to look into the case, but has not yet spoken with Anderson. The Dept. of Justice on Wednesday said they will not be pursuing a civil rights investigation; however, no decision has yet been made on if the DOJ will open a criminal investigation.

The GBI, Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, and Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson have already said they will stand by their original findings and not reopen the case on a local or state level.