//Home Repair Grants Available To Valdosta Residents

Home Repair Grants Available To Valdosta Residents

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home moneyValdosta, GA- Residents of Valdosta have until August 15th to apply for a $10,000 home improvement grant through the Federal Home Loan Bank Program. The city received $600,000 from the program, which will allow 60 residents to receive that grant money.

There is a catch- residents must live in one of the city’s 17 ‘designated revitalization areas.’ Valdosta home owners who qualify as low to moderately-low income residents (according to HUD FY 2013 Income Limits) may be eligible to use this grant funding to make much-needed home repairs.

Grants are limited to home repairs which cost under $10,000, and each applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Home must be located in the city’s Designated Revitalization Area (DRA).
  • Applicant must be the legal owner of record of the home.
  • Applicant must provide proof of income and residency.
  • Property taxes and insurance must be current.
  • Repairs must improve and/or remedy unsafe living conditions (e.g. roof repairs, electrical/plumbing updates, repairs to floors/structural members, etc.).

To apply or see if you qualify, visit the city’s website here.