//Have You Ever….

Have You Ever….

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Fashion-2EDITORIAL – Have you ever seen someone whose outfit was pure hotness and gave you life, but you felt like there was something missing?

Maybe a bracelet, a broach, scarf or a fantastic head piece is needed to take the outfit to the next level. As your coming out of this daydream, on how to make this person’s outfit work better for you, you notice a snag at the bottom of their pants, a stain on their collar and that your being judgmental.

All you can do is laugh and look at yourself because you’re not  on your P&Q’s today. Your high bun is sitting low, you  have perspired your perfume away, and your big toe nail is chipped.

The life of a girl!

I say that to say this.

Stop over analyzing people’s outfits ladies. Let them live! It is so proper of you to smile and speak, and it takes less energy to compliment than to deconstruct one’s outfit in your head.

Just say “you’re beautiful girl, you did that!” And let the beauty march on!