//What is Fashion to You?

What is Fashion to You?

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Fashion-2EDITORIAL – As I started writing my first ever fashion editorial, I realized that I was struggling putting fashion into words. By definition Fashion is a popular trend especially in dress and ornament or manners of behavior.  To me, fashion is so much more, so I searched for pictures that mirrored my thoughts on what is fashion.

Fashion is a reflection of you. It is an expression of moments remembered, rethought, and revised. For those who use it, fashion is a voice of internal expression externally. It is in your choice of makeup, your style of hair, the shape or color of your nails, your clothes, your shoes, even your home décor.

It is simple but structured. Fashion is everything you make it. It is effortless style and captivating beauty. It is forgiving and always willing to change with time. Fashion is not something you say it is something you do.

What is fashion to you?