//Book Review | “How Great is His Mercy”

Book Review | “How Great is His Mercy”

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Book ReviewS.E. (Chip) Harp, Valdosta Today Editor:

Valdostan and Valdosta Today Editorial Director Gary Wisenbaker has penned a new book, How Great is His Mercy, which recently became available on Amazon.  We asked local literary expert and editor Barbara Schmader to give us a review of Gary’s book:

Book CoverHow Great Is His Mercy, a novel written by former attorney, blogger and Valdosta Today Editorial Director Gary Wisenbaker, is now available on Amazon.com. This is Gary’s first attempt in the realm of fiction and he has written a very touching work that reflects life in the real world and the obstacles and challenges many of us face and the consequences we pay when we can’t overcome those obstacles and challenges.

The major part of the novel takes place in the small town of Nettys, Mississipi, where main character, Eric Steele has chosen to establish his law practice. Eric comes from an ancestry that dates back some 200 years and his family has retained their religious heritage and insisted that their off spring become the persons God intended them to be through hard work and education, which included strict boarding schools and top ranked colleges.

In spite of their desires for their children, the elder Steeles strayed from the picture perfect life and divorced just as Eric graduated from high school, an event that left a scar that would never go away. He could never grasp how or why a couple who had everything could break their marriage vows without considering what it would do to their children. He vowed then, that when he married, it would be forever.

After college and law school, Eric entered the real world of work. He met and married a young heiress and they immediately began a family that would eventually include three children.

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Author Gary Wisenbaker

Eric’s professional and social life brought them in contact with Nettys’ elite, and while never becoming ‘one’ of them, they were accepted by them. Being accepted meant their children would attend private schools, train in the arts and sports and Alice Steele would have a full social agenda of tennis, bridge and garden club membership, and a nanny to provide transportation for the children and help in the upscale home Eric’s position demanded.

Eric found a church home for them. Eric’s faith had provided the strength he needed to get through the trials of his parents’ divorce and he knew it was important to model that faith for his wife and children. They were a happy, healthy and well-to-do family with nothing but success in their future. Little did Eric know just how much he would need that faith!

While he clung to his faith, he never expected a change in the economy that would affect his practice and put him on the cusp of bankruptcy. Added to this were the devious actions of supposedly good friends who would drag him into an abyss that only God’s mercy could rescue him. Trying to save his marriage and family led him into actions that would drag him deeper into trouble for which he would pay the ultimate price.

The book concludes with Eric, like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes, determined to hold his head high and rebuild his life, this time realizing that God’s Mercy has given him a second chance.

The book is very well written and the flashbacks to Eric’s childhood are handled in a professional way that one wouldn’t expect from a first-time author.