//3rd Annual “Drae Day” Celebration

3rd Annual “Drae Day” Celebration

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shutterstock_125574701The 3rd Annual “Drae Day” celebration will be held on November 16, 2013 at 12 pm at James Saunders Park. “Drae Day” honors the life of Undrae Thomas and other patients who lost and or continue their battle with cancer.

Organizations and residents of the community are asked to yield a monetary donation or any gift item that will be used in a drawing to support the event.

Blood donations can also be made with the American Red Cross Blood Mobile which will be present for those looking to donate in more ways than one. There will also be free food, face painting, raffles, free entertainment, a basketball tournament, and more!!

The proceeds will be donated to The Partnership Cancer Fund which will provide cancer patients, here in LowndesCounty, with transportation, medical equipment, symptom control medication, & nutritional supplements.

Tangible donations will result in mailing information being documented and donators will receive documentation from the Partnership Cancer Fund, citing your contribution for tax purposes.
ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO: The Partnership Cancer Fund. For more information feel free to contact:

Serwa Collins – (Coordinator) 1-229-834-5777 or email sfcollins@valdosta.edu

Rashida Clayborn – (Coordinator) 1-229-460-4944

Kate Wagner – (Partnership Cancer Fund) @ 1-229-249-0940 or email kate@tlcbenefitsolutions.net

Micah Holliman – (Red Cross Recruiter) @ 1-229- 412-1818 or email micah.hollimon@redcross.org