//Fifty Years of Quasars

Fifty Years of Quasars

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radio wavesThe VSU Planetarium will host “Fifty Years of Quasars” tonight, presented by Dr. Kenneth Rumstay. Audience members will travel back in time to the year 1963,  when “radio stars” were  first discovered. 

“Fifty Years of Quasars” will be presented at  7:00, 8:00, and 9:00 pm; there is a seating limit of 47 visitors per show. Reservations for all three shows may be made at 6:00pm in front of the planetarium located in Nevins Hall on the 3rd floor, room 3004.

 Admission is free and open to students and the community. Limited parking is available for all attendees in front of Nevins Hall and across Patterson Street.

For more information and upcoming planetarium shows click here.