//VSU’s The Happening

VSU’s The Happening

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On Thursday, August 22, 2013, Valdosta State University will hold its annual event, “The Happening” on the beautiful university’s Front Lawn.  From 1pm-4pm, campus organizations, non-profit organizations, and local vendors will be out giving students information about the great opportunities that the students can take full advantage of throughout the year.

Greek-letter organizations from the IFC, CPC, and NPHC councils will be in attendance.  Organizations with a cause, such as American Red Cross and American Cancer Society, will be there to gather volunteers and provide useful information. Religious groups will be there to give more information on bible studies, events, and mission trips.


Valdosta State University has been hosting “The Happening” for over 20 years.  The event is a chance for the students to gain more information on how to quickly get involved on campus.  Students who attend this huge event are awarded with free items and play fun, yet informative games.  Students who attend “The Happening” find multiple organizations that spark interest and usually feel great about going and learning more about their university and the community they live in.