//Brooks County Football Coach Fighting for More Than Bragging Rights

Brooks County Football Coach Fighting for More Than Bragging Rights

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BROOKS COUNTY, Ga – Watching Brooks County High School Football Coach Marvin Mitchell help his team gear up for the fall season, you would never suspect that he suffers from IgA nephropathy, a disease that can damage the kidney’s ability to filter waste from blood. 

For the past year, Mitchell says he has undergone over nine hours of dialysis each night.

Currently on a list with thousands of others, Coach Mitchell has been waiting for an eligible organ donor for five years. 

While there have been several people who have tried to donate their kidneys, Mitchell’s Type O blood means that’s no one has qualified. 

As frustrating as the situation seems, Coach Mitchell refuses to let that stop him.

“I’m not frustrated at all.,” Mitchell told WALB. “It’s in God’s hands and I know that he’ll do it in his perfect timing.” 

His desire to keep moving forward has had a profound effect on his team. Nitavon Burrus, a football player at Brooks County High School, says that seeing his coach overcome his issues each day has inspired the team to try their best each and every day. “Sometimes, when I’m not feeling like I want to practice, I look at that man. I’m like, ‘he’s out here, with what he’s going through, I know I should get right.’ So, I get right and give my best,” said Burrus.

With the fall season starting soon, Coach Mitchell is excited to see his team’s hard work pay off. 

“We got a great team, a great bunch of kids, great coaches,” said Michell. “That’s kind of rejuvenated me and give me something to look forward to.”