//GA Police Officers Save Woman in Burning Car

GA Police Officers Save Woman in Burning Car

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AUBURN, Ga – Sgt. Breon Rucker and Sgt. Mark Underwood of the Auburn Police Department are being hailed as heroes after saving a woman from a burning car.  

According to AJC, the crash happened when the woman’s car rolled into the ditch on Countyline Auburn Road, the vehicle coming to rest on the passenger side and catching on fire. 

Though the wreck did not happen within the city limits, Sgt. Underwood and Sgt. Rucker rushed to the scene after hearing how serious the situation was. 

“(A sergeant) says when he arrived she was in a fetal position in the vehicle almost as if she’d given up because she was entrapped,” Rucker said. 

Body camera footage shows the two officers working tirelessly to rescue the trapped woman. After Underwood tried to kick out the windshield, the fire spread to a tire and caused an explosion, Rucker told Channel 2.

Fearing that his partner and the victim had been caught in the explosion, Rucker feared the worst. Once the smoke cleared, he reported that the victim and his fellow officer were okay.

According to Channel 2, the officer was unhurt, and the victim escaped with minor cuts and bruises.