//Serial Murderer Arrested Claiming 90 Victims

Serial Murderer Arrested Claiming 90 Victims

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PERRY, Fla. – According to a report from WCTV, a man has claimed to have killed as many as 90 people across the country – some of them potentially from this area.

Samuel Little, 78, was in court recently in Texas and claimed to have killed dozens of women.

An FBI map shows several in Florida, including one in Perry.

WCTV reported that Samuel Little has been in the North Florida area and arrested at least three times in Tallahassee between 1993 and 2007.

One of those arrests in Tallahassee was for stealing steaks and electronics at the Wal-Mart on West Tennessee Street.

WCTV interviewed FDLE investigators in 2013 about Little’s possible connection to murdered women in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson and Wakulla counties.

Perry Police Chief Jamie Cruse says he cannot say at this point which case in Perry is possibly tied to Little’s confession.

However, he says there is a case that started as a missing person in Perry in the early ’90s.

Chief Cruse says the remains of that person have been identified, and the family members have been notified.

He can’t release any other details. The chief says they’re investigating the validity of Little’s claims.

Reports say Little said the woman he killed in Perry was a black woman in 1993.

“My aunt came to mind because she went missing some years ago,” said Perry resident Waltress Williams.

The body of Williams’ aunt, Pearl Williams, was found decomposed in a wooded area.

Williams says they never got straight answers on her death.

“Families need closure. It’s already that you only have community information, hearsay, he say, she say. It’s best to have facts. Everyone wants to move on,” Williams said.

State Attorney Jack Campbell says law enforcement is working together to get answers on all of Samuel Little’s claims.

He says at this point, officers are not comfortable speaking to any particular case.

“We still have disappearances that are not open homicides because we just don’t know where that person is. We don’t know if they are living somewhere in the world or if they hurt themselves or accidentally died or perhaps they fell victim to somebody like Mr. Little,” Campbell said.

People in Taylor County are shocked by the possibly Perry connection.

“That’s sad. It’s probably someone that everyone thought was innocent, somebody’s father or son. It’s really a bad thing,” said Tina Wells, a Perry resident.

Perry resident Keona Waddy said, “Somebody’s family wants to know and somebody’s family wants justice. Us a community want justice too for everybody. So, that would be nice to find out who, when, where, and what happened.”

Campbell says he hopes investigators from this area can sit down and talk to Little. He says he’s hoping for candid and honest answers to match and close as many cold cases as possible.