//Mexico Beach is “Gone”

Mexico Beach is “Gone”

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MEXICO BEACH, Fla – October 11,2018

Compared to “something out of the Wizard of Oz,” Mexico Beach, Florida’s damage resulting from Hurricane Michael is nothing short of staggering.

A house in Mexico Beach was picked up and moved a football field length and turned over on its side. One man, “Scott,” on CNN, reported he watched out his window and saw homes floating by. Furniture in his house that wasn’t his own. The only thing he could salvage was his briefcase.

“Our lives are gone,” Scott told CNN. Everything was destroyed by the massive storm surge. “Where do we start?…There’s nothing left…This was never in our imagination.”

When the tremendous surge came in you couldn’t do anything, he explained. Cars started floating by, debris tunneled through the air, then the water.

Matresses. Night stands. Pieces of life. Everywhere. Aerial photos show leveled city blocks.

The loss is total.

The family-oriented community of Mexico Beach will grapple with the losses for a long time to come.